Who will win
and take all
the bribes?

Built on


Community-led investments.

By purchasing NFTs in a business within NostraCity, you will join a family of friendly DeFi degens.Together, you will band together to collect as many NFTs as possible, raising your chances of collecting all bribes in the city.

Sustainable APRs

The value of our token comes from the treasury investments, allowing us to pay out a generous yet sustainable APR for longer.

Fully Transparent

Team Doxxing, third party reviews and open code area already under way. Check our weekly AMA on Wednesday at 8pm UTC  here.

Pick your DeFi family and
dominate Nostra City.

NostraCity is a competition of DeFi families that fight each other by driving up sales of simple NFTs of their sponsored business in each season lasting 3 weeks. The family who drives up the highest amount of sales, wins a windfall of extra $BOSS tokens. Losing families win the same amount of tokens they invested. All families will be able to keep NFTs, and use the $BOSStoken to purchase their own DAAS nodes in the form of yield-bearing NFTs for further seasons.


📍 Jan/2022

Start of community building
Start of recruiting
First draft of docs
First whitelisters chosen
Development Kickoff

📍February 2022

✅ More Whitelist Spots Announced
✅ First AMA with Boss dox
✅ One Dev dox
✅ Marketing Kickoff
✅ Update Docs with Gameplay Mechanics

📍March 2022

✅ Families Reveal
✅ Target Projects Reveal
✅ Core Team all Doxxed
✅ Code Review by Third Party
✅ Competition Season 1 – Launch
✅ Business NFTs minted

📍April / May 2022

💼 Exchange your Business NFTs for a PFP
💼 Tokens Distributed to NFT holders
💼 Further Marketing Efforts
💼 Winning Family Receives Prize
💼 Token Launch
💼 Bonding Launch

📍Q2 2022

💼 Code Audit
💼 Initial Investments
💼 Coingecko and Coinmarketcap Listing
💼 Nodes

Core Famiglia

Our superstar core team is comprised of 2 developers and 2 marketing/ comms professionals. Our goal is simple: to create a fun protocol that we would love to use ourselves. We also have a team of advisors in the following areas: Legal, UX, Marketing, Investing. We will reveal our identities and more details on advisors throughout the pre-launch phase.

Fabi Lara

BOSS | Founder

Theophilo de Oliveira


Samuel Villegas


Priscila Klopper

Community Manager


We will launch on the 29st of March.

  • By winning Quizzes, Meme contests, etc. you can get Tier 1.
  • Tier 2 was given to early members of our Discord channel (through a form). And through some contests and giveaways
  • Follow us on Twitter and Discord for more info on how to get the spots.
  • What’s the benefit of being whitelisted?

Whitelisted participants will get a discount when purchasing the NFTs. When a participant buys the discounted NFTs, the face value amount of the NFT (full price) will count towards the $BOSS token airdrop, not the discounted price paid.

  • Tier 1 = Will be able to buy up to $2000 worth of NFTs with 80% discount.
  • Tier 2 = Will be able to buy up to $2000 worth of NFTs with 60% discount.

We’re planning to offer our Season One participants, once we launch our tokens, first-come benefits. Also, as you will get the tokens before launch, you will not have to fight with any whales in order to get the launch price. Most launches in DeFi end up with a boom and a crash and you will not need to fight robots and whales as the opening.

  • The team will be doxxed (the founder Fabi Lara and one of the Devs, Theophilo de Oliveira are already doxxed).
  • Our treasury will be guarded by a multisig
  • The code will be open for the community to inspect.
  • We will hire a third-party auditing firm to approve the protocol.
  • Because auditing is a slow and costly process, before launch, we will hire third-party developers to inspect the code. Their report will be published to the community without edits.

The Boss rank will be a very special one. Bosses will only be earned, and not bought. For each season, we will watch the participation of participants in their family’s respective Discord channel. The most helpful person will be nominated the Boss by the end of the season. The Boss will have special benefits yet to be revealed.

You will be given instructions on how to claim your tokens, whether your NFTs are yielding 100% tokens or 120% tokens.

 Ah, great question. The sustainability comes from the fact we will have “DAAS nodes”, which are not actual network nodes, but have a daily payout. That will be a lot more sustainable than other protocols because virtually all of them derive their value almost exclusively from a limited token pool. The value of our token will come from the fact that we are filling the treasury with stables + investments. It’s like combining the best of the bonding mechanism from $OHM and the predictability from node protocols, and the success of the investments should play a big part in that.

Please, join our Discord server where the team or the community will be able to assist you closely. Also, you can open a support ticket in the 🆘┃help-line channel.

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